1: 1. Numeric notation is the system of representing numbers in writing. 2. Ancient civilizations used various numerical notations. 3. The Mayan number system was based on the number 20. 4. Roman numerals are still used in some contexts today.

2: 1. The Hindu-Arabic numeral system is the most widely used today. 2. It uses a base of 10 and includes the digits 0-9. 3. The use of zero as a placeholder was a major innovation. 4. This system allows for efficient calculations and easy understanding.

3: 1. The digit 4 million is represented as 4,000,000 in numerical notation. 2. This number has 7 digits in total. 3. It is equal to 4 thousand thousands or 4 million units. 4. Understanding large numbers is important in various fields.

4: 1. Numerical notations are used in mathematics, science, and everyday life. 2. They help us quantify and communicate the size of quantities. 3. Different cultures have developed unique number systems. 4. Numerical notation is a universal language of mathematics.

5: 1. The study of numerical notation is called numeration. 2. It includes various topics such as place value and number systems. 3. Understanding different numerical notations can enhance our mathematical skills. 4. Numerical notation has a rich history and continues to evolve.

6: 1. 4 million is a large number, but there are much bigger numbers. 2. The concept of infinity and infinitely large numbers is mind-boggling. 3. Numerical notation allows us to represent and manipulate such numbers. 4. Mathematics is a fascinating field with endless possibilities.

7: 1. The beauty of numerical notation lies in its simplicity and versatility. 2. Numbers are a powerful tool for organizing and understanding the world. 3. 4 million may seem large, but there are infinite possibilities beyond it. 4. Explore the wonders of numbers and numerical notations.

8: 1. In conclusion, numerical notation is a fundamental concept in mathematics. 2. Understanding the representation of numbers is essential for every individual. 3. 4 million is just one of countless numbers waiting to be explored. 4. Immerse yourself in the world of numerical notation and discover its wonders.

9: 1. Dive into the fascinating world of numeration and unlock its secrets. 2. Explore the diverse number systems that have shaped human civilization. 3. From ancient civilizations to modern mathematics, numbers have a timeless appeal. 4. Embrace the power of numbers and unlock the mysteries of numerical notation.