1: Discover 9 anime characters whose designs underwent major changes before the final look was decided. From Dragon Ball's Goku to Sailor Moon's Sailor Uranus, see the transformations unfold.

2: Goku from Dragon Ball was originally envisioned as a scrappy young boy. Sailor Uranus of Sailor Moon had a drastically different appearance before the final design was settled upon.

3: In Naruto, Sakura Haruno's initial design was far from the pink-haired kunoichi fans know today. Find out how her character evolved into the iconic ninja she is now.

4: The popular series One Piece almost featured a very different Luffy. Check out the early concept art that shows just how much the protagonist's look changed before the show aired.

5: Even classic characters like Astro Boy and Pikachu were not immune to design changes. See how these beloved anime icons were transformed from their original concepts.

6: Did you know that Sailor Moon's Tuxedo Mask was meant to have a sleeker and more modern appearance? Explore the early sketches that inspired his eventual look in the show.

7: From Inuyasha's Kagome to Sailor Saturn, many anime characters looked vastly different in their early concept designs. Dive into the evolution of these iconic figures.

8: Discover the surprising versions of beloved characters like My Hero Academia's Bakugo and Attack on Titan's Mikasa. See how these anime heroes were reimagined before their final designs.

9: Explore the fascinating world of anime character design and how some of your favorite heroes and heroines were originally envisioned differently. Uncover the hidden secrets behind these iconic figures.