1: Real and Fake Weapons in WWE Raw and Smackdown Learn about the use of real and fake weapons in wrestling matches.

2: Real Weapons Discover how wrestlers incorporate real weapons like steel chairs and kendo sticks into their matches.

3: Fake Weapons Explore the creative use of fake weapons such as foam hammers and rubber bats in WWE storytelling.

4: Safety Precautions Find out how WWE ensures the safety of its performers when using weapons during matches.

5: Impact on Storylines Understand how the use of weapons can enhance the drama and excitement of wrestling storylines.

6: Fan Reactions Read about how fans react to the use of weapons in WWE matches, both positively and negatively.

7: Regulations Learn about the rules and regulations that govern the use of weapons in WWE Raw and Smackdown.

8: Training Discover how wrestlers are trained to safely use weapons in their matches to avoid injury.

9: Entertainment Value Explore how the use of real and fake weapons adds entertainment value to WWE programming for fans worldwide.