1: Start your day right with a Fiber-Rich Mediterranean Diet Breakfast. Try Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts.

2: Whip up a quick smoothie with spinach, banana, and pineapple. Add chia seeds for extra fiber.

3: Opt for a classic combo of whole grain toast with avocado and smoked salmon. Omega-3s for an anti-inflammatory boost.

4: Omelette with spinach, feta, and tomatoes is a protein-packed and fiber-filled option.

5: Mix oats, almond milk, and berries for an easy overnight oats recipe. Top with nuts for crunch.

6: Bake a batch of whole grain muffins with carrots, walnuts, and raisins. Perfect for grab-and-go mornings.

7: Breakfast quinoa with nuts and honey is a hearty and nutritious start to your day.

8: A bowl of warm oatmeal with cinnamon, apples, and pecans is a comforting and anti-inflammatory choice.

9: Try a veggie omelet with asparagus, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Don't forget the turmeric for added anti-inflammatory benefits.