1: "NCIS main characters Abby, Ziva, and Kate left the show for various reasons."

2: "Abby, portrayed by Pauley Perrette, left due to workplace issues and wanting to pursue other opportunities."

3: "Ziva, played by Cote de Pablo, left to explore different creative paths and spend more time with family."

4: "Kate, portrayed by Sasha Alexander, left after her character was killed off in a shocking twist."

5: "The departures of these main characters brought major changes and challenges for the NCIS team."

6: "Fans were disappointed by the exits but appreciated the impact these characters had on the show."

7: "New characters were introduced to fill the void left by Abby, Ziva, and Kate's departures."

8: "The show continued to thrive despite the main characters leaving, showcasing its strong ensemble cast."

9: "NCIS remains a popular and enduring series, proving that the show can adapt to changes and evolve over time."