1: Gina Torres is back as Jessica Pearson in the new legal drama Pearson. Find out what to expect as she navigates the world of Chicago politics.

2: The show follows Jessica as she transitions from the world of law to the gritty world of Chicago politics. Can she handle the change?

3: With her unparalleled legal skills, Jessica faces new challenges as she maneuvers through the political landscape. Will she succeed in this new arena?

4: As Jessica builds her own firm and takes on high-stakes cases, we see a different side of her character. How will she balance power and politics?

5: Torres brings a fierce and captivating performance as Jessica in Pearson. Get ready for a thrilling ride as she makes her mark in Chicago.

6: From the creator of Suits, Pearson promises to deliver the same level of intensity and drama. How will Jessica navigate this new chapter in her life?

7: Torres shines as Jessica Pearson, showcasing her strength and vulnerability in equal measure. Will she be able to find her place in Chicago's political world?

8: With Pearson not on Netflix, fans can expect a fresh spin-off series exploring the complexities of power and ambition. Are you ready to dive in?

9: Follow Jessica Pearson's journey from the legal world to the political arena in Pearson. Don't miss out on this gripping drama starring Gina Torres.