1: Meet Gina Torres As Jessica Pearson, she's a force to be reckoned with on Suits.

2: The Transition From Suits to Pearson, Gina Torres brings her A-game.

3: New Beginnings What to expect when Jessica Pearson takes the lead in her own series.

4: Power Moves Gina Torres shines in her portrayal of the fierce and fabulous Jessica Pearson.

5: Fashion Icon From power suits to elegant dresses, Jessica Pearson's style is impeccable.

6: Legal Drama Get ready for more courtroom showdowns and political intrigue in Pearson.

7: Strong Women Gina Torres is the epitome of strength and resilience as Jessica Pearson.

8: Critical Acclaim Critics and fans alike praise Gina Torres' performance in Pearson.

9: The Future Stay tuned for more of Gina Torres' brilliance in Pearson, now streaming.