1: "1. Hummus & Veggie Sticks - Easy, nutritious, and filling snack option packed with fiber and protein."

2: "2. Greek Yogurt Parfait - A delicious and creamy snack with a mix of fruits, nuts, and honey for sweetness."

3: "3. Mediterranean Bruschetta - Flavorful and satisfying snack made with fresh tomatoes, basil, and olive oil on toasted bread."

4: "4. Tzatziki Dip with Pita Chips - Creamy and refreshing dip paired with crunchy pita chips for a satiating snack."

5: "5. Stuffed Grape Leaves - Light and savory snack filled with rice, herbs, and lemon juice for a burst of flavor."

6: "6. Roasted Chickpeas - Crispy and crunchy snack seasoned with olive oil and spices for a guilt-free munch."

7: "7. Feta Cheese and Olives - Quick and satisfying snack offering a mix of salty and tangy flavors in every bite."

8: "8. Greek Salad Skewers - Fresh and colorful mini salads on a stick for a convenient and healthy snacking option."

9: "9. Almond Butter Apple Slices - Nutrient-rich, sweet, and crunchy snack that is perfect for a quick energy boost."