1: "Prepare for the tears as we recount the most heart-wrenching anime deaths that left us all in shambles. Grab the tissues."

2: "Nagisa's farewell in Clannad, Kamina's sacrifice in Gurren Lagann, these moments will haunt you forever. Grab the tissues."

3: "Maes Hughes' tragic fate in Fullmetal Alchemist, Jiraiya's heroic end in Naruto, these deaths will break your heart. Grab the tissues."

4: "Going Merry's emotional farewell in One Piece, L's demise in Death Note, these scenes will leave you weeping. Grab the tissues."

5: "Ace's sacrifice in One Piece, Itachi's redemption in Naruto, these unforgettable deaths will make you cry. Grab the tissues."

6: "Koro Sensei's bittersweet end in Assassination Classroom, Mami's shocking demise in Madoka Magica. Grab the tissues."

7: "Simon's heartbreaking loss in Gurren Lagann, Nina's tragic fate in Code Geass, prepare to shed tears. Grab the tissues."

8: "Shirley's devastating death in Code Geass, Spike Spiegel's final moments in Cowboy Bebop. Grab the tissues."

9: "From tragic sacrifices to emotional farewells, these heartbreaking anime deaths will stay with you forever. Grab the tissues."