1: Discover the hidden treasures in your pocket change with these 6 simple steps to spot rare Bicentennial Quarters. Maximize your earnings today!

2: Step 1: Look for the 1776-1976 date on the quarter's obverse side. This is a key indicator of its rarity and value.

3: Step 2: Check for any mint marks, such as a "D" for Denver or "S" for San Francisco, near the bottom of the reverse side.

4: Step 3: Examine the condition of the quarter. The better the condition, the higher its potential value.

5: Step 4: Use a magnifying glass to inspect for any errors or anomalies that could indicate a rare variety.

6: Step 5: Consult a coin guide or app to compare your find to known rare Bicentennial Quarter varieties.

7: Step 6: Consider having your quarter professionally graded and authenticated to ensure its maximum potential earnings.

8: With these 6 simple steps, you can become a savvy coin collector and maximize your earnings with rare Bicentennial Quarters.

9: Don't let rare coins slip through your fingers. Start using these steps today to spot valuable Bicentennial Quarters and maximize your earnings.