1: 1. Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S26 Ultra 2. New design with stunning colors 3. Faster processor for ultimate performance

2: 4. Improved camera with enhanced night mode 5. Larger battery for all-day usage 6. 5G connectivity for super-fast speeds

3: 7. Upgraded display with smoother refresh rate 8. Enhanced security features for protection 9. Bigger storage options for all your needs

4: 10. S Pen support for creativity and productivity 11. AI features for smarter user experience 12. Water and dust resistance for durability

5: 13. Dolby Atmos sound for immersive audio 14. Wireless charging for convenience 15. Slimmer and sleeker design than ever before

6: 16. Improved biometric sensors for quick access 17. Expandable storage for more content 18. Enhanced gaming capabilities for entertainment

7: 19. 8K video recording for professional-quality footage 20. Advanced cooling system for optimal performance 21. Collaborations with top brands for exclusive features

8: 22. AI-powered voice assistant for hands-free control 23. Customizable software for personalized experience 24. Multi-tasking features for increased productivity

9: 25. Limited edition models with unique designs 26. Exclusive pre-order bonuses for early birds 27. Get ready to be amazed by the Samsung Galaxy S26 Ultra!